Test Your Rudraksha

There are 2 ways of testing and certifying the Rudraksha beads.

  1. Rudraksha Observation : where Rudraksha expert would examine the bead physically and give certificate for the same. ( Sample of the report attached). The physical examination would be done on the basis of Visual appearance of the bead, colour, formation of natural hole, etc.
  2. Rudraksha testing : where Rudraksha would be tested in the RRTL lab and certificate would be issued. ( Copy of certificate alredy given). Here Rudraksha would be tested by lab incharge, where the internal compartment would be checked through X-ray, height, weight and diameter would be checked along with the all other test mentioned above.

To test your Rudraksha or get observation report kindly email on info@rrtl.in

Some observation reports (Click to download it) :-