Specific Gravity

To determine the specific gravity of Rudraksha, through this we can determine the maturity of Rudraksha beads.

Conductivity Meter

Equipment used to measure electrical charge after the seed of Rudraksha is immersed in the water. It reflects the germination power of the bead and inner properties on comparative basis.

Vacuum Dryer

Drying with demoisturisation under vacuum.


Based on our own experience as well as taking advantage of vast knowledge of our panel experts RRTL is following test methods to establish the quality parameters of Rudraksha :



X-Ray/CT-scan method to determine the number of mukhi's

Boiling water test to determine heat stability

Specific gravity test to find the density/maturity of the bead

Physical test parameters like weight, size(diameter, height)

Microsocopic examination to see any physical damage.

Physical tests to find out the source of origin of the bead (Nepal, Indonesia. Assam, South India, Haridwar etc).This test is of generic nature as new crops are coming up in different parts of the world and in future this may not be relevant.

Other than above, RRTL experts also see the appearance with respect to fullness of the bead, its hole, damage due to insects or any other abnormality. Classification according to colour is not carried out as it is felt that all colour Rudraksha become almost the same after continuous wearing for 3 to 6 months.